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Buying or selling your home

We designed our firm to protect your equity, increase your profits & negotiate better offers.

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Protect your equity when buying and selling

“Their attention to detail when receiving or writing an offer is far beyond the competition.”

Brandon, Google Review

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 A Better Strategy is our

Essential Difference 

Losing the home you want to buy and leaving money on the table when you sell are the consequences of a weak strategy. We provide our clients with a proven approach to increasing their profit and security while negotiating winning offers. 

Tom and Patrick showed me where and how to use the strength of the market to pay lower commissions and sell on safer terms. I paid at least $4,000 less than expected in commissions.

– Mary T.G, Madison

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“Tom and Patrick’s forward-thinking business model should be the standard for the industry now and in the future.”

Stephen W. Middleton, WI. Home selling client

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