Commission relief for home sellers may be coming.

You don’t owe legal fees to the other side when you win. Why do you pay the buyer’s broker commission when you sell? A class-action lawsuit may change the way real estate brokers are paid and bring some commission relief to the consumer.

It’s not a question of whether a six percent commission is fair. The issue is whether or not home sellers should be locked into paying large chunks of their home equity for buyer broker services that benefit the buyer, to their own detriment.

We created Essential Real Estate to be the kind of choice for consumers that this lawsuit contends is necessary. MLS commission sharing rules result in home sellers getting locked into paying a commission to compensate buyer brokers who work for the buyer’s benefit, to the detriment of the seller, the seller should have a right to choose an alternative method. 

Essential Real Estate clients have the choice to promise to pay a range of commission fees before or after seeing the quality of the offers they receive. Most choose to wait to see what terms and price they’re getting for their money. And, why wouldn’t they?  Since 2019, we’ve proven free choice to pay commission and when to agree to pay commission is better for home sellers. Most of our clients prefer to wait until they see the terms of the offers before committing to pay a higher than necessary commission. 

Our business model is simple:  We enhance the service, expand your options, and make sure you pay only the commission that works for you. A typical client, selling a $400,000 home will save $4,000 to $8,000 in commission with our plan.  Why does this matter? If the commission you owe is $24,000 and your equity is $100,000, you are going to use 24% of your home equity to pay the commission. Half of that is for the benefit of the buyer. Before owners are locked into paying commission for the buyer, the lawsuit contends, and we agree, the seller should have choices. 

We designed our firm the way you would…protecting your equity while achieving your goals. It’s about YOU and it should be, right?!