Essential Real Estate.  Prepared to Help You Profit in Changing Markets.

Home equity is the single largest source of wealth for American families. Protecting the health of your equity wealth is vital to your ability to accomplish life goals and navigate economic changes. Resisting the temptation to spend equity in good times is part of a safe strategy to prepare for a recession. 

We created Essential Real Estate in 2019 to give our clients more choices to build and protect home equity wealth when it’s most vulnerable to being drained and squandered when they buy and sell. 

As the inventory of homes for sale shrunk to historic lows, overpaying became a common strategy to win the accepted offer in competitive situations. When you pay more than a home is worth, you spend equity you haven’t yet made. We gave our clients better ideas to structure their offers to appeal to the home seller’s need for security. Our clients do not consistently outbid the competition on price, but they often get their bids accepted on terms that don’t require spending equity they’ve not yet made. 

Your single highest cost to sell a home is the real estate commission. It’s no secret that real estate commissions are negotiable. The mystery kept from homeowners is the method for negotiating commissions. Our commission strategy allows our clients to save $8,000 of home equity for every $400,000 sale price. One day, how we guide clients to negotiate commission may become the norm. For now, we are the only firm offering clients better ideas to spend less on unnecessary fees and more thoughtful strategies to increase profits in changing market conditions.