The Model T was designed to be profitable for Ford Motor Company. In 1908 cars came off the line good enough for the masses. Choices? You could have a model T in any color as long as you chose the color black. If 95% just bought without making a fuss, why offer choices for the special 5%?  

The real estate industry has the same one-size-fits-all attitude about broker fees. All over the country, you could find a broker who would list your house for a six percent commission in 1989. The only difference today is there are more brokers who will charge you the same 6%, and there are a few who will give you a lower rate as long as you’re okay with little or no real estate service. 

We created Essential Real Estate in 2019 to give our clients the service and price choices the rest of the country may eventually see when Class action lawsuits against the real estate industry eventually relegate the six percent commission to its place in the Smithsonian. Our clients don’t expect discounted commission any more than they will settle for limited professional service. Our clients are smart people who expect us to show them choices to increase their profit and improve their security when buying or selling homes. In three years we’ve perfected our business platform and our clients are reaping the benefits. 

In 2022 a seller of a $400,000 home can expect to increase their after-sale profit by $8,000 with our commission strategy. They can also expect to reduce their risk of loss by having choices to eliminate the kinds of contingencies that buyer agents want to slip into contracts.   Our buyer clients have choices to outbid the crowd on price or outsmart the competition with more acceptable contract terms. 

Better ideas. More choices. Wiser strategies. Let us show you how we can increase your profit and decrease your risk today.