Buying and selling a home is a contract venture. The Wisconsin Residential purchase agreements are not win-win documents. Real estate agents and attorneys handle most sales. Regardless of what you expect or wish, opposing sides are working to gain advantages. In the end, someone will pay the price, and another will profit in one way or another. 

It is indisputable that negotiating, contract drafting, and strategy skills are not the same for every licensee or lawyer. Contracts are the purview of lawyers. While relatively untrained in contract law, licensees are permitted to fill in the blanks and check the boxes on boilerplate purchase agreement forms. There are three challenges buyers and sellers face regardless of whether the agreement is negotiated by a lawyer or a real estate agent. Drafting errors can happen, leverage opportunities can be missed, and trips or traps get inserted and overlooked. Consumers pay the price for mistakes and oversights with cash and worry.

Essential Real Estate’s Value Difference

Security. A typical offer to purchase could have 24-30 pages of conditions, contingencies, and promises. All lawyers and real estate firms are likely to have their own set of contingencies designed to guard the interest of their clients to the disadvantage of the other party. Discovering the trips and traps of these special conditions requires careful reading. We pride ourselves on our ability to uncover risks and explain the consequences to our clients while offering suggestions to modify the offer and remain safe. 

Profit. When you sell your home, your home equity is your savings and your profit. From the day you made the offer to buy the house until you sign the closing statement to sell, separating you from your equity has been the intent of many people and business interests.  The first threat to your equity is overpaying for the house. Next is the gauntlet you run of opportunity to pull equity out to satisfy all sorts of needs. Finally, selling costs such as concessions, credits, closing costs, and broker commissions take a big swipe at your equity.  We are not discount brokers. We are wise guides who show you better ideas to improve your offer without overpaying when you buy and how and when to negotiate commissions, concessions, and closing costs. 

Resolving problems before they happen saves our clients time, money, and stress. We think allowing you to sleep well during the sale and profit more at the closing is a good idea. Our clients seem to like that too.