One hundred billion dollars of home equity will be paid to real estate brokers as sales
commission by the end of this year. Another fifty billion dollars of equity will pay for title
insurance, closing costs, transfer tax fees, attorney fees, deeds, and recording fees. Such a
vast sum of money attracts a crowd of creative minds looking to take a fair share at your

The Transaction Pipeline
Imagine the real estate transaction as a pipeline carrying home equity dollars to a refinery
where it’s turned into commission, deposited into a vault, and packaged into small bundles of
cash. After that, the emerging market of service businesses (think Zillow. Compass. Homesnap. Redfin. Opendoor. BoomTown. Homelight. Loansnap. etc.) essentially
backs a truck to the loading dock and fills the trailer with boxes of cash.

To keep the pipeline flowing and the tank full, we will not likely see significant efforts by existing
service providers to reduce the cost of commissions. So, we do it for our clients.
It’s your equity. You earned it. Keep it.

We look at the home sale transaction from the perspective of the consumer. With that view, we
see the opportunities and show you how to make those advantages work for you. Most of our
clients pay significantly less of their home equity in the form of commissions. All of our clients
benefit from sound guidance to steer clear of contract traps while improving their security. Safer
agreements and more profit; that’s what we deliver for our clients.